It has arrived and is 10 times better than I could ever imagine.

All girls in the office quite literally freaking out and most are now sure where they expect their significant others to source their ring!

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help - your patience with my numerous emails, the speed with which you have finished the piece, and of course the incredible quality of the finished product, it really is a work of art... I am so so grateful.
— JW
She almost fainted when she saw it, can’t stop staring! Thank you so much from both of us, it’s really gorgeous.
— PT
So sorry for the late response, but since receiving the ring, I haven’t been able to stop staring at it. I’m absolutely awestruck. You could not have been more right when you said that it looks better in person. I’m so gonna get lots of pats on the back for this one! Lol thank you so much for your promptness and your extremely amazing craft work on this piece. This ring seriously represents the specialness of the relationship I have with my wife-to-be. I’m already the happiest dude on earth because of her, but with your help you’ve now made US the happiest couple on earth. Thank You!
THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! Thank you for the card, your amazing designs, your professionalism, being an amazing person, I could go on!

You made the engagement process so easy, personal, and special. On behalf of Andrew and myself, we seriously could not thank you enough. You have given us the most precious memories (and ring) to cherish forever.

I seriously have been bragging about you for weeks (as if bragging about the ring was hard!). I’ve also had random classmates at school, who I don’t even know, running up to me in the halls saying “OMG [so and so] TOLD ME ABOUT YOUR RING!!! CAN I SEE IT?! I’m going to send a photo to my mom!” I even had to take it off during my Constitutional law midterm so I wouldn’t get distracted by its brilliance! Hahaha

I’m elated to wear a ring that is truly artistic and comes from an amazing designer. Please let me know if you need anything at all; testimonials, bragging to random people, or just a reminder of how awesome you and your business are!
— JB
It’s been a week now since my fiancé surprised me by proposing to me in the forest on his birthday with your absolutely, incredibly dazzling and beautiful ring. I can’t thank you enough!
I am obsessed with it and even more over the moon and overjoyed that I get to marry the most wonderful man imaginable.
Thank you for all your hard work. You are truly talented with a tremendous gift!
Attached are a few photos, although nothing really does the ring justice as seeing it in the flesh!!
— NB
Thanks again for being a part of our journey together, and providing us a unique and beautiful ring, I can’t tell you how many times my fiancee has told me about getting ANOTHER compliment on her ring! I hope you get to bless many other couples with your talents!
— RM
You almost killed my fiancée . She couldn’t breath for about 20 seconds when she saw it. I’ve no doubt your creation has caused brain damage. I may be requesting a discount for my next one if she doesn’t recover, she just keeps looking at it, mouth agape.

Thanks Heidi! It was perfect.
— BM
Holy! Heidi! You are someone whose work I’ve admired for quite a while now, and you truly delivered!!!! I am so grateful that you worked with Ryan and incorporated his mom’s center stone into my very own Gatsby ring, it’s everything! My little heirloom-to-be! I can’t wait to tell our future kids and their kids about how my ring designer was the best in the business! When Ryan dropped to his knee yesterday and pulled out the ring, I couldn’t even pick it up I was so mesmerized by it and I’ve received so many compliments from friends and family already. A million heartfelt thank you’s from us, to you! Hugs!
— CP
I just returned home from a beautiful weekend with my fiancé. And I have NO WORDS to describe our happiness. I had been speaking of you to him since February (like we’re BFFs) about your art and talent—- all the while you two have been communicating!!! When I look at my finger, I see a beautiful heirloom that’ll be passed onto generations. What a gift you have given <3 we are so honored and thrilled to have you/your piece be a part of our story. You delivered, girl. Thank you x a MILLION. I’m forever elated. You’re wonderful. You made my LIFE.
— AN
Finally things have slowed down, and I am caught up on work and have been meaning write you. I just wanted to thank you for being so easy to work with! Everything worked out so perfect, and the ring is absolutely amazing! You are right, she is a walking billboard for you, cause everywhere we go people ask about it! Thank you so much for everything I really appreciate all of it.
— BE
I too work in the wedding industry- though I make wedding cakes instead of jewelry. I have admired your work for a long time, and I am so thrilled I get to have my very own piece of it! The ring is beautiful, stunning, and so sparkly. As an artist, it’s the perfect representation of me. Thank you for being so great to work with (Zack has nothing but good things to say about collaborating with you on this), and of course for crafting this wonderful ring!
— MK
I just wanted to let you know that I got my ring, and it is absolutely stunning! I am so glad that I stumbled across your website, and found your beautiful creations - and then we ordered the one that caught my eye. This ring really is everything that I was looking for in an engagement ring.
— AB
We have been in a bubble of engagement bliss for the pass few weeks. We just returned from Puerto Rico and it was perfect. My fiancé and I have always been a team but with this ring, we are now 1 solid entity. An entity that plans to shine together for a forever’s Forever. The ring is such a marvel! She is complimented by everyone who sees it and they comment on how they’ve never seen anything like it. Thank you so very much for making this moment of us bonding our lives and love together forever with the most beautiful and timeless ring. Many thanks!
— SH
I just wanted to send you a picture of this stunning ring you created....... on my FINGER! We cant think you enough for not only creating something so beautiful, but you were able to incorporate a family heirloom. Your ability to customize this beautiful piece of art and attention to detail is amazing. I spent weeks looking at rings, I thought I wanted traditional, and then found nothing that spoke to me, nothing that fit my personality.Then I was told about your jewelry from a friend, and just like I knew Nick was the one for me, I knew your ring was the one for me. Thank you again and we will be sure to send wedding photos.
— MT
This is a long overdue THANK YOU! Words cannot express the gratitude nor disbelief I have for the engagement ring you helped Nick to design. I can honestly say I have never seen a more beautiful piece of jewelry. Nick proposed exactly a month ago, and I wanted to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the time and effort you put into making the most special ring for us – it truly shows! Seeing the light reflect off of the ring in every direction was utterly breathtaking – I don’t think I could be more fortunate to have such a great team behind this incredibly special gift!

I am most impressed at the genuine care you took to ensure everything worked out perfectly, going above and beyond to put in extra time and effort beyond what was originally quoted! I also wanted to thank you so much for the care and concern you took when working with Nick and offering him advice. It truly is something that means so much to us and we cannot thank you enough.
— TG
He proposed this past weekend...YAY! I wanted to thank you for making the most beautiful, gorgeous, stunning ring I have ever seen. I still cannot believe it is mine :) You are wonderful at what you do, & Ty said you were awesome to work with. Again, thank you so much.
— CS
We love it!!! Seriously. Thank you for everything you’ve done. The ring is amazing! It’s unique and classy - just perfect for me! I really appreciate everything. :) You are awesome!
— MR
Hi Heidi, I just wanted you to know how much I love my ring!! It has been just over 2 months now since we came to get my ring and every morning when I put it on I still can’t believe it’s mine:) You are amazingly talented and your ring makes me feel like a princess. Thank you for doing what you do!! You make girls all over the world feel special!
— CE
I honestly cannot stop staring at my ring, and I never want to take it off! Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am that there are designers like you out there, because I feel like I have something truly special that I can wear on the outside that reflects how I feel on the inside.
— CC
I received my ring this morning and it is absolutely breathtaking! The pictures on your websites are beautiful but they cannot fully capture the brilliance of your design and the stones you choose to accompany it. The ring is truly such a special design and I am so honored that you are willing to share your creation, and your own wedding ring, with so many other people.

I appreciate you keeping me in the loop throughout the process. Buying an item such as this without ever seeing it in person or trying it on is very nerve-wracking but you were so kind and quick to answer any questions I had throughout the process. Already I have had so many compliments in just the last hour and I have given your information to two people. I will continue to follow your Instagram and your sites, and in the future I will absolutely be purchasing more jewelry from you!

Thank you again for everything! I will always cherish this ring and it will remind me of the journey Aaron and I have had together so far and all the wonderful things to come!
— KC
Today we officially got engaged!! I cannot thank you enough for this bespoke beauty that you have created. It is simply perfect and is something that will hopefully be passed down through my family for many years to come. Thank you for making my dreams come true. You have been so easy and reassuring to work with...even in my freak out moments of absolute panic lol!! It is so lovingly crafted with care. Now your work has hit Ireland!!
— OS
The ring came in perfectly, and was absolutely stunning! It’s even prettier in person!
— JS
The ring is more beautiful than I could’ve imagined. Thank you so much for your heart and craftsmanship. My family was dying while looking at it today and said it couldn’t be more her. I will cherish this ring/process forever.
— JL
Hi Heidi, I wanted to thank you for your hard work on Jenna’s ring. It looks absolutely beautiful and has so much sparkle to it! You do amazing work and am so thankful!
— LD
Just got it! The ring looks amazing! I appreciate you making this for me, very much. I will be sure to send as many people your way as possible.
— NB
My lord. We can’t thank you enough for your beautiful work of art!! We spent the evening celebrating (and couldn’t stop staring at it!!)! I feel so fortunate to have made such an awesome connection with you!!
— AK
I truly don’t know how to thank you for your incredible talent on my amazing ring! It is everything I have ever dreamt of & more! We are so truly grateful for all your help & being so easy to work with! Taylor & I are soooooooo unbelievably happy with how the ring looks & it completely took my breath away! Everyone stops me to look at my ring & I have gotten countless compliments on it! I can’t wait to have this ring passed down through our family & become an heirloom piece! You are a true blessing & we will be recommending you to everyone! I truly cannot thank you enough!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
— DF
I wanted to say thanks for your work on the Gatsby ring. It looks and fits great. We both appreciate your communication. The ring will certainly be an heirloom piece; it’s just beautiful.
— CK
Hey Heidi... it’s amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much!! I’ve been laughing at myself because the ring and I have been spending the morning together since I picked it up earlier. I’ve been carrying it from room to room, setting it somewhere I can see it, taking breaks to pick it up, try it in different lighting. I’ll give you an update when she finally sees it. Thanks again!!
I feel like you’re an old friend, and then I realize we haven’t even spoken yet. I have been ogling rings on your Instagram for a good while, I can hardly believe I am now WEARING one!

John proposed on Monday night with the mixed metal oval Gatsby - I think it might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I just had to take a minute out of telling all our family and friends to email you saying the biggest THANK YOU I possibly can in text. John has had nothing but wonderful things to say about working with you on this special piece - I’m almost jealous I haven’t been the one emailing you over the past months, haha! We are so thrilled and can’t thank you more for being a part of such a special moment in our lives.
— HK
IMG_9435-Edit copy.jpg
I wanted to drop you a line and thank you again. It would be imposible for me to put into words how happy we are with your work. We can not imagaine anyone creating a more perfect piece of art to symbolize our love for one another. She was utterly blown away by it’s beauty and I can think of few things I’ve ever purchased that I’ve been as happy with. Oh, and she can hardly leave to house with out some stranger going out of their way to coment on it! Thank you!
— ZP
I just wanted to personally thank you so much for designing and creating the ring of my dreams. I never knew that I could love a ring this much- I don’t think Scott told you how hard it was for me when we were ring shopping in stores because I was never impressed by the typical wedding ring style. When we found your designs i instantly fell in love with almost all of the designs. The fact that we were able to put all the elements that I wanted (rose gold, champagne diamond, star burst, and vintage) all into one ring was so exciting to me. I was surprised and very, very impressed by the beauty of the ring.
I will love the ring forever!
— ML
I can not believe the absolutely stunning ring you have designed and created! No picture does these rings justice, and I’m pretty sure you now have a Huge following here in Boston <3. I am completely blown away every time I look down. I knew I wanted something unique, something different than typical, and something that represented us. And what’s even more amazing is that I get to wear this stunning one of a kind ring the love of my life gave me. Your talent brought all of that to life for us and gave us the engagement and official start to our future that we will never forget.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— SK
Just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you. My fiancee LOVES the ring! She keeps taking little moments to just admire. It has meant a lot to both of us to have something so unique and special. Thank you so much for your patience and creativity with the design. You were a really fantastic person to work with, especially considering we are in different hemispheres!
— RA
Thanks times a million for making this ring!! I wasn’t even nervous to give it to my fiancé because it was so perfect! She is in love with the ring! When I got on my knee to propose, the moment she saw the ring, she asked if she could try it on! I hadn’t even asked her to marry me yet, so I took that as an automatic yes! You do amazing work, so I figured I should send you a photo! Thanks again!

With the reaction of my fiancé I will definitely be buying more things from you in the future... anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, etc.
— PZ
Heidi, my magical unicorn of a designer - I am speechless!!!!

My heart is so full and I can not thank you enough. When I thought diamonds just weren’t for me because I couldn’t find a ring I loved - ready to end the search and get a tattoo - I stumbled across your page. Nothing says it was meant to be more than this!

Your talent, passion, and love for what you do shines through every design - especially mine :) I love it!
— JP
Oh my actual God. I finally got my hands on this MASTERPIECE! I know you hear this so many times, but I’m so grateful to you for your help in creating something truly unique and beautiful for my girlfriend. She is going to pass out when she sees it. I still cannot get over the detail. You’re a magician. Thank you thank you thank you!
— JC
I just wanted to send you a follow up note. My wife routinely looks at her ring, stops whatever conversation we are having at the moment, and talks about how much she loves her ring. She’s said things to the effect of “I can’t imagine finding a piece that I love more. I could travel to all the museums in the world and would not find anything that I love more that this one.”
— AG
It’s safe and sound on my finger now and it’s just amazing. You are truly an artist and Jacob said you were wonderful to work with. It’s so unique just like we are and just like Jacob is the only guy for me... this is the only ring for me. Thank you for making this day and our future so special for us. (Looks pretty bitchin next to gramm’s anniversary band eh?)
— KT
Picked it up today with no issue. I literally had no breath for a moment when I opened it. It is by far the best looking ring I have ever seen, Sarah is going to absolutely lose her mind. Thank you, thank you so much.
Hello Heidi,

Kayleigh loved the ring, she was gobsmacked. So so happy.

Here’s a pic of us and I just wanted to say thank you again for creating this ring and getting it over to me so quickly.

Kayleigh also wanted to say thank you too...

Hi Heidi! I honestly don’t know where to start, so I’ll start with THANK YOU!!!!! When Tom proposed I was so shocked I couldn’t speak, my ring is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I find myself walking into things as I can’t take my eyes off it! I’m so thrilled to have such a beautiful ring and a pretty amazing man to go with it. Thank you so much Heidi, you are a truly talented lady xxx
— TS
We wanted to thank you for all your work on our ring. The finished project is absolutely perfect. We have only been engaged a day and have already received a dozen compliments on it! Ivy is mesmerized by it as well, we could not have picked a better suited ring for her! Thank you for being so wonderful to work with and making our breathtaking ring. You are truly amazing!!!!
— CH
Just touching base to say we have received the ring and OH MY GOD it is beautiful! Both Bridget and myself are super stoked with it, it is absolutely stunning, I would be lying if I said Bridget isn’t the envy of her girlfriends, so just wanted to say thank you again, I think quite a few of her girlfriends who are engaged/married are seriously considering upgrading their rings. Anyway, thanks again and we will most definitely be coming to you for our wedding bands. Thanks Heidi, we will keep in touch
— BC
Just gave it to her last night. She is in love with it! Blew her away. Thank you so much!
— AG
I think you need a new photographer for your work, because the photos don’t do your rings justice. Really though, thank you so much. I was going to wait a bit to pop the question, but I’m too excited and have to move things up now. I only wish this custom went the other way around so that I was getting this ring!
Just picked up the ring from our mailroom. It’s even more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you so much for your efforts!! She is going to LOVE IT!
— BF
Holy S*&#! It is even more beautiful than in pictures!! Everyone at my office is freaking out! Thanks a ton Heidi! You’ve been great :) Best of luck with your business (although I’m sure you won’t need it)!
Oh. My. Gosh. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I can’t wait to give this to her next week. Seriously this is beautiful. THANK YOU!
I wanted to personally thank you for crafting the most incredible ring I’ve ever laid eyes on! I am in awe of the artistry and exquisite detail - it is absolutely perfect. My partner Alan (fiancé now!!) has the highest of praise for you - thank you for working with him to create something that literally took my breath away. Thanking you from the bottom of our hearts.
— KK
I can’t thank you enough for this incredible ring! I came to you as a very particular client with very specific desires and you knocked it out of the park! This is a cluster of sparkle and it feels so special. Many thanks!
— SC
This was a painless and smooth buy. I would, and will, recommend Heidi and her company to all of my friends who want a good experience. My fiancé is THRILLED with her ring, and NO ONE has a ring that even compares. Very original, and even more beautiful.
— SW
Heidi, I wanted to let you know that I picked up the ring this evening. Thank you for a very painless, quick, and easy transaction. As for the ring itself - I’ve obviously spent a lot of time looking at the pictures that you sent me and the ones on your website quite a bit over the past year, but they just don’t do the ring justice. I had to chuckle at first glance as I picked my jaw off the ground - its really, really impressive! Thanks for your help, your beautiful design and hard work.
— JE
I knew your pieces were incredible, but nothing actually prepared me for when I opened the box and saw my ring for the first time. I literally gasped and then couldn’t speak. I was absolutely speechless. Not only was it more incredible in real life but I just fell in love. It’s that stunning. And I’m not much of a jewellery person so that’s saying a lot! Jeremy’s face lit up when he saw it and the smile on my face, which is still there from ear to ear and won’t go away!! I can’t honestly thank you enough for your vision, your beautiful craftsmanship, your patience and your wonderfully kind nature! I feel like I’ve made a friend for life. You really made the entire process so special.
— SM
Oh My GOSH! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my ring! You are amazing! It’s exactly what I wanted! Your attention to detail is legit. I greatly appreciate all the time and hard work that you put into my ring. You created a masterpiece, that’s for sure.
— BD
Thank you, thank you, thank you! It has been such a pleasure working with you and I truly appreciate how much stress you were able to take away from what seemed like an intimidating process. I know she is going to adore your ring when she finally lays her eyes upon it.
You would think that after looking at photos for so long, I wouldn’t have been surprised, but I can’t believe how much more beautiful it is in person! The center diamond is just glowing. It’s so amazing.

Maggie was afraid to try it on. She said it was so beautiful and she didn’t want to break it. She thinks it’s the most amazing thing she’s ever seen.
— MN
Thank you so much for everything!! The ring came on Thursday and it looks even better in person than in the photos. She absolutely loves it…and said yes! We’re both thrilled with the ring, and just thrilled in general. Again, a million thank yous!
— MA