My name is Heidi Gibson. I’m an artist and designer based in southern California. I hold my BFA in Painting from Biola University and have partially completed my MFA at CalState University in Long Beach. I married my wonderful husband in 2006, and we have two energetic sons. 


Image courtesy of Trever Hoehne Photography


After my original engagement ring was lost in a house fire (and later recovered!), I had the opportunity to design my ideal ring: the Gatsby piece. I received many compliments on the ring over the course of several months and decided to try posting the design for sale online. The response was outstanding, so I decided to try my hand at a few more designs. I feel that I bring something different to the market, based on my experience with art and design. I see the stones as shapes to fit together in composition, much like an artist blocking in a base drawing - a more natural approach for me as a painter. My muse lies within the sunburst, art deco style of decades past.