Tips for Choosing your Metal Color


It's officially engagement season and I'm loving all these new orders! Many clients have trouble deciding which gold color they prefer. Each has their own draw, but I do have a few tips: 

White gold or platinum stands out the most on any skin color. If you really want people to notice your ring, white is a good way to go. It's also very traditional and "deco". When ordering with diamonds, you'll want to get stones with a higher color rating because a yellowish tone will be more noticeable. The white color also blends my designs together into a sparkle cluster, which is good if you want it to look like a massive rock, but a downside if you want to emphasize the design.

If you still want traditional metal coloring, yellow is a very good candidate. Yellow gold looks best on olive skin or skin with yellowish undertones. You can cheat on diamond color with yellow gold, as the stones tend to pick up more of the yellowish color anyway.

Rose gold looks beautiful on dark skin, or any skin with pink undertones. It's a less traditional choice than yellow or white, but lends a vintage feel to the designs. Rose gold makes the stones appear whiter, and gives the greatest contrast to emphasize the design. It also blends the most with skin coloring, softening the overall design and making the ring blend more with your finger. 

One more tip: my rose gold is on the coppery side, and less "pink" than most rose gold that you will see. I'm not a big fan of pink rose gold, but I adore the more copper toned coloring of my rose gold, particularly on my pale pinkish colored skin tone. 

Posted on September 17, 2015 .